Advice please !!😔

So I have been married two months y husband has two children I have two children it would seem perfect they are all the same age and all! However we fight like cats and dogs daily over anything and it's because he has a horrible attitude and blows up off of whatever. No matter how small a  problem he's experiencing, I'm to the point i don't even speak to him anymore because I know he'll yell at me or hit me. Very recently he called my 5 year old a bitch for crying for not taking the trash out I got upset and yelled at him he choked me and the cops were called because the kids were crying and we were yelling. Recently I walk away to avoid the fights but mind you I have to leave my home in order to escape him.  I mean if  he loses his keys or his wallet he gets mad cuss me out and breaks stuff blows my phone up because I refuse to answer and continue being yelled at ;and threatens suicide I have literally asked him to leave multiple times. Issue is he has no money and can't leave and he feels I'm putting his kids out is his excuse every time. I have never seen a person always upset always complaining always wanting to fight and cause problems in their home on a daily basis it's like I'm living in a prison I'm so un happy and depressed because I know we are going to argue everyday.  Lastly Every single fight we have he always separates his kids and my kids saying your kids this and my kids that and he acts like he has no ties or love towards them. What can I do