Ok so I'm having major issues with my doctor... I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and in so much pain. It's to the point I can barely walk. It hurts when I get up from sitting down and I have to take my time to do anything. I have already gone to the hospital twice bc of the pains. I went today to get checked (mind you, he still has me going every 3 weeks), to see if he can fill out my short term disability application and he straight up denied it! He said he doesn't do that to women and has them work all the way through. I'm in so much pain and I'm not dilating. I wanted his help. Then! He has the odacity to say he suggests me to have a fuckin C-SECTION! My baby girl is head down and in position! HOW TF DO YOU SUGGEST SOME $h*T like this?!? HOW!!!!!!!!!!! I'm outraged and I know it's too late to make any changes! I NEED SOME ADVICE!