Menstrual Cups

Okay girls let's talk! 
I have just started using a menstrual cup. I can't decide if I like it or not. It's been two days and I'm going to stick it out for the remainder of my period. And really give it a shot for my next months to come. But, as anticipated, I am having some troubles. Getting the cup in took some tries, but I eventually got it. And I think to the point where I can trust not having leaks. Taking the cup out is where I'm having issues. Everytime I go to take the cup out, the stem isn't sticking out of my vagina. Instead, the entire cup is in my vagina and I have to push/fish it out. Is this normal? Lol if I leave the stem out, I can feel the cup. If I push the cup up just enough where I don't feel it, hours later it migrates North. Any tips/tricks? Or should I just get use to this and hope it gets easier to handle. Because right now, it's a mild inconvience.