Due date change at 26 weeks

I'm so mad. My new doctor is pushing my date back now the November 1 from October 29 as the final date from ultrasound. My original date was 11-5 then 11-1 then final was 10-29. Now doctor has pushed to 11-1. I also just got call for scheduling my c section at 39 weeks which is October 25th. I informed doctor I will not last til then as I have 2 other children at home that I delivered at 37 weeks vaginal and my 2 at 36 weeks c section. I want this one to be at 37 weeks as well. Doctor informed me though that California law won't allow to schedule before 39 weeks. So my question to him was what happens when I go into labor before that date?  Answer was we just do c section that day. I'm like I figured that much but isin't there a c section prep that I have to have an iv an fluid at least an hour before not a 1 liter bag flushed in 5 min. At this point I'm just leaving in the hands of GOD. When it happens it happens.