Would you have any doubts ?

Today my boyfriens daughter told me her dads friend is moving around our area. She asked my boyfriend why I have never met his girl-friend and he told her because I get mad and feel like she's a THREAT. First of all, I've never said that ever. We have hardly ever spoke about this girl, all I know it's his close friend. Supposedly BI OR LESBIAN. Whatever the case it is with her I don't care. But one time he did tell me they once tried to be something else but it didn't work out between them so they just became good friends. He was drunk. I then asked him when he was sober and he denied it. (THIS WAS A WHILE BACK) I never mentioned it again and let it go. Then he told his daughter not tell me she's moving over here!! Why wouldn't he want to tell Me? This so called FRIEND called him today and he tells his kids but doenst tell me. We're having a fucking baby together. Would you guys have any doubts or be mad?