Egg retrieval tomorrow -OHSS?

FM • 34 yo- TTC since Oct. 2012. Endometriosis And 9cm Fibroid excised in Oct. 2015.
Tomorrow morning is my egg retrieval.  I had my trigger shot last night.  They gave me Lupron as I am possibly at risk for OHSS.  I have 20 follicles all measuring around 19mm as of yesterday.  I feel good besides being very emotional. The doctor was supposed to reduce my stim injections from 220IU to 200iu on day 7 but says he could not reach us 😡 until my next appointment 3 days later.  
From that point on he started to tell me I may be over stimulated but if so we will do an FET next month.  This upset me so much. My question is if I did the Lupron trigger, would I still be at risk of OHSS? My estrogen number yesterday was 2940.  Again, felling good.  
I want to do a fresh transfer! I can't deal with any more stims!! Even if you feel great, <a href="">IVF</a> really is an emotional roller coaster!