Heavy cycle ladies (must read) tmi

I started having my cycle when I was 8 and I'm 28 now. Recently ( past 4 years), I start having really heavy cycles. I would stay on my cycle for months at a time. Then I found out I have PCOS. This has caused me to have clots, some as big a my fist. They worried me and my husband. There were times I wouldn't even sleep next to my husband because I was scared of having an "accident" but I never did. Once when I woke up I had a clot so big it was running down my leg, scared the living heck out of me. My. Doctor gave me provera and folic acid. Although the provera makes sure I come on every month like a normal cycle should, the clots were still really bad. So I was wondering if it was something else I could do. Now, here is the thing.... As far as drinking water I drink bottled purified water all day everyday. I have also become a vegetarian. I thought it had something to do with what I was eating. Although I feel better, that didn't work. My husband god sister bright me this Akaline water. So I have ph10 but I hear they have other ph levels. However, when I tell y'all this cycle was only 5 days rather than 8 or 9 days, I didn't have any clots, cramps, diarrhea or anything. I was too excited. Idk where to get the water from but if you ladies ever heard of it and skeptical about it... I'm here to tell you it worked for me. You could probably google it for places in your area. But this water is a big help. Just thought I'll share for anyone going through the same thing.