I'm stuck.

My baby dad (ex) and I have a very happy smart 5 month old together. But everything is starting to make sense now. We broke up while I was pregnant. He moved on. Broke up. Came crying back to me. Well in April he got a secret apartment he never told me about until we went to his family's and they asked if I been there, news to me he said he lived with them. Then his ex started posting stuff about moving to that town and how her man isn't others soul mates. So I started questioning him. He said "she's trying make you mad blah blah blah". Now 3 days ago I catch "wifey"texting. Her name was never saved as that. So we got in a fight since he said he wanted to be with me but refused to post it just to show me he's being real. Now last night I allowed him to move in until he's able to save money back up after just losing that apartment. This morning I naturally just get a feeling to go
Through his box sure enough there's children slippers and charger/case to her phone (seen it in her pic). I'm single so him staying here isn't a big deal but the problem is i know I'm going to get attached to him again when I can clearly see he hasn't changed. 
Should tell him he needs to stay with his family or at work? Or should I just give him a month to get some checks in then tell him to go? I don't want to give up my daughters chance to know her dad as he will disappear whenever he feels like it.  
EDIT:  it is sad when you can't trust someone wants you when he's adding and messaging tons of girls everyday then the track record of everything he's done to you for 3 years. If it's petty to want your so called family to be known then so be it 😏  But when he says he rather delete his accounts than post it yeah something isn't right. I'm not going to get back with him I know that there's tons better.  I felt like helping him out with a place to sleep.  Kinda regretting it already   Had no where else to vent.