Should I move on? Mixed signals

So We started with texting and he texted all through the day. He takes forever to message back. His phone is broke but he is always on Facebook chat. At the same time he gets upset when I don't answer back right away. 2 nights ago I told him I was going to bed early the next day I didn't hear from him as much and he claimed he was upset because I didn't tell him why I went to bed early. Said he doesn't like guessing. When I ask some questions he does not answer them. I tell him we need to communicate. I also tell him the things I like and things I will compromise. He also said he had privacy at his home but he wants to go hotels and always wants to pop up at my place last minute. (We haven't had sex yet) He had told me he acts the way he does bc he has been heart broken so much. I'm really starting to get over him. Am I being selfish? Am I thinking too much or overreacting?