He makes me want to cry in a good way 😍😍😊

Kayla • Mommy of two with one on the way :☆ Aliyana Adalene 10-14-16
Not because he is mean to me!! because he is actually just too sweet I swear this whole pregnancy he has been right there by my side and you know how are pregnancy hormones are haha so he goes get breakfast this morning and he asked me what I want to eat so I told him what I wanted and then quickly changed my mind to something differnet i wanted...so I'm waiting for him to come back and to my surprise he came back with both things I wanted I said to him..." haha did you forget which one I wanted."and he looked at me and said no sweetheart but you must have had a craving for both things so why not get you both I almost cried 😂😂i swear the farther along you get the more the Hormones get you haha I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow and I'm a Mess