Leave or stay

Lauren • I hope you have toilet paper ; because shit is about to get real.

My boyfriend and I have 3 years finally decided to take a break and for me to move back into my mom's the point of this if so we can start dating again and so we had first met we were rushed into things the Last Straw that broke the camel's back was when we were at a wedding on the 30th and I was having severe social anxiety I wasn't crying or anything but I was extremely quiet I also was upset because on the 29th is my brother's death anniversary so there was a lot of things going through my mind while we were  at the reception he was flirting with another woman I had told him to stop and he had yelled at me

when we left to go to the after-party he told me to stay home because I was embarrassing because I didn't talk and that I was standoffish I told him I tried my best to be sociable but I just couldn't because I was so sad he told me I ruined everything and just stay home. As much as I love my boyfriend Some of the  things he does really hurts me but the same time I love being with him we finish each other's sentences. We have the same humor. But there also are some downfalls like how he's never home and spend time with me we  never spend an anniversary together he never wants  to go to parties with me. I just don't know what to do it's been 4 days since I moved into my parents house and he still hasn't seen me we have texted very very briefly about me picking up my stuff and such my dad said that I should keep moving forward and not look back but at the same time it's a lot harder to do that then said has anyone gone through this before? Any recommendations should I stay or should I go?