AF 2 weeks after my last one??? Wtf?!

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This may seem pretty random, but I figure if there's a chance someone here has experienced it before they may be able to help settle my freak out and calm me down! 
My last AF was 4 days late, and I had thrush the week it was due/when it arrived. It was a normal period with nothing strange. That was 2 weeks ago today. This morning I woke up and had started another AF - I was expecting to ovulate! I have NEVER had 2 periods so close together, have always been around 29 days every cycle.  
I was supposed to start <a href="">IVF</a> meds during my next AF which I expected around the 20th. Does this new period mean anything sinister that I should be worried about? (I'm on holiday until Sunday so can't see my RE until next week.) Im trying so hard not to freak out and panic but it's easier said than done. 🙈 Has anyone else experienced this? And does this mean I might need to go on BC to regulate before starting meds?