Could she have turned breech at 33 weeks?

Ok, so Peanut has been head down and ready to since about week our last appointment/us at 32 weeks she was still head down. The pressure on my bladder, hips, and pubic bone were crazy...and the need to go pee...OMGoodness, I was going so so often... Yesterday though, I felt a swoosh in my tummy, kind of like my I sides turning. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable..I felt it move from about under my boobs (in the middle) to my left side under my ribs. Last night I noticed I didn't feel the need to get up to pee every hour, I got up just once! I have no pelvic pressure, no pressure in my bladder, nothing! I have an appointment next week for my 34 week and plan on asking them and see if they can check her out, but I'm just curious if anyone has had their baby turn breech at this stage in the game? Maybe I'm overthinking it and I just felt a gas bubble shift around lol