Ok so I've been trying to figure out  what the hell happened with this "period?" FIY TTC 3years ex clomid taker / have a left side lateral hydrosalpinx ( my tube is completely closed up by water)   I wasn't on clomid this go! Actually stopped taking the "miracle drug?" About 8 months ago... 
 Ok so  I was supposed to "start" July 25 but here's what went down 
 Day 1.  07/25/16 : mild / moderate cramps mainly dull aches  get up. Go to the ladies room, after I do my business  I wipe  and its regular discharge but Tiny bit pink so I throw on a liner  thinking its AF  but that's a big negitory! 
Later that day like around 1ish I got to the bathroom and bam brick brown discharge... I was like that's old blood? So I ask my mother in law who was a health dept worker  she said normally happens when baby is implanting  she asked to see how much was on the paper. So I go to wipe again it's white as snow no hint of brown  so I checked my fluids around my cervix with my finger  nothing just white foggy discharge.  So we were like ok so I heeded her advice and rested for a hour by then I really had to pee  this time it was clear stringy snot and streaks of blood through it  she said that wasn't enough blood to hurt a fly.. Ok so what did that mean ... 
Night time. 
Day 2. 07/26/16  get up pee do all that jazz this time normal discharge .3 pm  I go to work  and I'm a stock man  at ross  so I rush and move a lot. 
 5pm On brake  I go to the restroom  pee. Not cramping nothing and I had blood like Nasty almost black  I leaked 1 time this entire day after I wipe.  7:45pm. I go home. I have some mild cramps mainly dull  I take a shower check my cervix no blood nothing just white discharge. It has stayed that way from then on. Ever sence. I've been extremely emotional like yesterday I was so pissed at my husband  and  the reason  he told his mother we were gonna let something go back that wasn't  I almost ripped his head off. Then I got Sangry (sad-mad)  and cried about his mother telling me I couldn't spend my own money! 
I have kept headaches like crazy which is unusual for me  today I'm all normal  till my father in law says I couldn't eat my own watermelon then I was completely sad. I crave watermelon and ice water 
  My mother in law advised me to wait a week to test so no hpt  yet sorry  I just need some ideas ladies help please