Husband no longer speaks to his parents.

My husband and his Dad had a falling out recently. He hasn't spoke to him in three months. Now tonight he decides he is no longer going to speak to his Mom anymore. He feels it isn't fair to speak to one and not the other. This has really upset me. Our baby is due next month and it will be very awkward when they come to see the baby. I don't want it this way but I feel their is nothing I can do. I expressed to him how I feel but he is stubborn and won't have a change of heart. He says he will still do things with my family. It still doesn't make it right. His Mom was already upset how her son was acting that she left a nasty voice-mail saying she wasn't coming to my baby shower. That if her son is distancing himself from her that she should do it to me. She later apologized and came to my shower. Hope they all realize that I don't want it like this. What is some advice you can give to me? I feel so sad about it.