Upset and hurt

I just need advice or better yet someone to talk to..I'm 26 with a three year old. Work full time feel like I have no one I can trust friend wise. I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child..I've only been dating the man I'm pregnant by 5 months. We weren't trying to have this baby it just kinda happened i had a copper IUD in and it failed. He has absolutely no patience for my son..last night he got a lil too rough with him and I said something and he blew up on escalated and got physical..all I could do was see red..he hit me in front of my son and plus I'm pregnant with his child. I called the police. They ended up taking him to that's it's been 24 hours I regret calling the police..I hope he doesn't end up losing his job or something awful he is very successful..I know he shouldn't put his hands on me or my son..I'm just lost and hurt and scared. How in the world am I goin to be a single mom of 2? I struggle already..he planned on moving me in his home and us bn a feelings are so messed up..I know I can't be with someone like him. Not only abusive but I also feel he's not faithful..ugh. I so have my own place and job I don't need him but life will be so hard. I so bad just want a family and be married..I don't see that happening now...he probably won't change and honestly won't probably talk to me for a long while.