HELP!! My Rainbow may be Partial Molar or twin with Molar.

So my last period was June 9th.  I learned then I have a low or under active thyroid.  Slow rising HCG levels at first 12, 34, 55, 96, 189, then 224 & last was 476.  I was told then that I probably just ovulated late.  No big deal.  I had my 1st ultrasound today (according to lmp 8w 6 days).  Fetus measures at 6w 1day spot on with late ovulation.  Heart beat at 114.   BUT as soon as the ultrasound started I could see several little polkadots along with a clearly larger sac containing my lil rainbow.  My doctor flat out said she had never seen this before & was going to consult another doctor for a second opinion then stepped out of the room.  After two runs to the bathroom to pee & what felt like an eternity she returned to tell me this looks like it may be either a PMP or possibly a twin pregnancy with molar.  Either way I can't seem to contain my tears.  A molar is supposed to have High HCG levels & cause Hyper Thyroid issues.  I have had no nausea just slightly decreased appetite due to feeling full for longer.   
I'm wondering if anyone else has had an experience similar to this?  What was your outcome?  I should hear back later this morning on next ultrasound appointment along with high risk specialist appointment.   Any & all information would be great as I am consumed with this & can't sleep.  Longing for a happy ending for our little rainbow.