2 days overdue and feeling so uncomfortable

I feel like a giant. Lots of people saying stuff like "I thought you would've had her by now!", or "it feels like you've been pregnant for ages!", and "you must be fed up now!". Even strangers saying it looks like I'm having twins.
I'm not having twins, I have been pregnant for ages (9 1/2 months is a long time), I should have had the baby by now and YES, you nailed it, I'm so fed up!
Another that annoys me is when people tell you to "enjoy the last stages of pregnancy because it will only get harder once the baby is born"!!
I have already had a child I'm not concerned at all about having to deal with a second. What I do feel is pain from sciatica, hips and pelvis, restless legs, sharp stabbing pains when the baby decides to go back into the pelvis (she doesn't stay there and keeps bobbing out), period pains with lower back ache, and the inability to sleep for more than an hour with needing to wake up for a wee. Plus the pressure pushing down on the bowel is awful!
So once the baby things will actually be easier!
Problem is, as I said above the baby is still very active and bobs in and out of the pelvis a lot! Her head was 2/5 at 35 weeks then only 4/5 at 38 weeks and yesterday at 40+1 she wasn't in there at all! So, it means although I'm massive in agony and overdue they can't give me a stretch and sweep with fear of cord prolapse if the head doesn't drop back into place.
Now I'm booked for an induction and they wouldn't allow me to have it earlier than 40+7. The midwife did try convincing the hospital but they weren't having any of it.
Gutted that the baby is going to be late and just feeling so run down and in pain waiting for it to happen 😞