Hcg lower than doctor would like

So, my last period started June 23 but I do have PCOS and just started having cycles back in March after a long time.My doctor insisted to use that date. I was taking ovulation tests and I think I ovulated around July 11 or 12. My first HCG on July 28 was 72. On August 4 it was 1500. On August 9 it was 5463. So it doubled as it should between the first 2. Between the last 2 the online calculator says it doubled every 61 hours. She called and told me those numbers concern her as with those numbers she would put me closer to 5 weeks than 7. She did not mention the doubling time but I did see online that after 1200 it can slo down on doubling. I am of course a basket case now. She called right as I was about to start work so I had to log out of work early (I work from home). And I threw up.. And I just don't know what to think. Any promising or just realistic thoughts?