Can we talk about the diva cup a second?

So I bought the diva cup a couple of months ago and haven't really used it yet because the first time I put it in it was such a pain (literally). It flipped open inside of me and slapped the crap out of my vagina (no joke! šŸ˜­) and I had to lay on the floor on my back just to get the thing in there. Then, it leaked (something I expected while I got the hang of it) and it just kept wiggling its way further and further up into my vagina šŸ˜« so when I went to take it out it was near impossible to do šŸ‘ŽšŸ». I had to get the size 2 because I've had a baby, so I know I've got the right size... But am I doing something wrong?? I followed the instructions and tried several ways to insert it but the only way that worked was for me to lie on my back šŸ˜’šŸ˜’ obviously not a way that is going to be done outside my home... Please help meeee!!!Ā