5 weeks pregnant and spotting

I have been spotting pinkish color discharge for about 3 days now. On the 9th a had my first appointment went over pretty much everything while talking to the nurse i told her i think i had a yeast infection so i saw the OBGYN and he did a pelvic exam and a vaginal ultrasound and told me everything was okay he didn't see anything bleeding around the baby and no heavy bleeding in the vagina. So on the 10th i realized i was still spotting put it was more dark pinkish color and i got so scared i went to the ER and i did another pelvic exam and told me they didn't see anything suspicious and that my cervix was still closed. The doctor also did blood work and told me my HCG level was 10,087. So this morning i went to the bathroom and I'm still spotting and I'm very nervous and i cant control my anxiety. Has anyone experienced this before and went on to having a healthy pregnancy?!