Need advice.

Ok so three days ago I felt a pain to right of my breast. Ignored it thinking I just moved weird or something. Well then my boyfriend went to tickle me later that night and it hurt and I jerked back, I then decided to take a feel and to my surprise I had a lump. Just a little tender but still worried me a little. My boyfriend on the other had was terrified do to him having testicular cancer 2 almost 3 years ago now and had to have a ball removed. He insisted I called my doctor, so I did the next morning. Well my doctor is not in office until sometime beginning of September. So my boyfriend and mother then insisted on me going to the urgent care, so fine I went just so that every one could have a peace at mind. Well the doctor felt around and said yes I do have a lump but that he wanted me to go to my primary because all he could do was an ultra sound and all that would tell us is that I have a lump, to which we already know. He said that if I get more worried before I can see my doctor that I could go back to urgent care and they would order me an ultra sound. So that night my boyfriend asked me to cal my doctors office to see if anyone could see me before my primary gets back, so I did the very next day I called and left a message with the nurses to call me back and see what they thought I should do. Before they called back I then noticed I now had a lump in my armpit and tenderness had gotten worse. So she called me I updated her, she told me to do hot presses on it that night and if not better by today then to call and they want me to be seen by another doctor. So I did hot presses all evening, soaked in a warm bath drank some tea and went to bed. Wake up this morning pain is more then double worse. Now instead of just being around the lump in my breast it has spread all the way to the bottom of my rib! When i called to update then said ok be in here on Monday morning and we will have you looked at. Ok so it's only Thursday now :( 
My mother is telling me to just go back into urgent care, or the emergency room if the urgent care can't really do much. Or should I just wait until Monday?
I'm getting more worried because now the pain is spreading and I'm so confused. I have so much going through my head so many people around me saying oh it's probably this or this or that... Breast cancer and every other cancer has been in my family. But I can't have cancer the chances are just too low. But I can't help but worry. I'm keeping the worry to myself, trying to stay positive but this pain....... 
So should I wait till Monday or go back to urgent care or go to emergency room?