Ladies, I am so excited. I saw a post about a fertility study on the effects of weight loss on pregnancy being offered here in GLOW and I have gone through the pre testing and I'm glad to say ...I'm moving on to the the full study! Two things I said I wanted to do this year with out much success- losing weight and getting pregnant-are coming true. Well, I'm one step closer anyway. Lol

The study consists of either increased activity (tracked) or change in diet. I haven't been told which one I'm in yet. The next phase would be clomid and the weight loss drug Alli, then invitro insemination in a controlled study.

I am nervous and scared to be honest...what if I get pregnant!? I know thats the desired result but how amazing if it came true? Anyways I'm writing this post to ask you gals that have been in a study like this how it went for you, if you are currently in this study what are your feelings. Or if you've taken clomid how did it work for you? Any symptoms, pain, etc?

I'm so excited.... Baby dust to all! (sprinkles a Lil on my self).