Advice is wanted!

I am due October 31st with a baby boy. My husband's family can be a bit intrusive, (just to put it nicely) so I was talking to him about what we would want/not want when I'm in labor going through the most excruciating pain I'll ever go through. I let him know that I was fine with immediate family (his parents) coming in and saying hi and everything, but absolutely NO EXTENDED FAMILY in the room before I give birth. Same goes for my family. We haven't had this conversation with his family yet. I feel it isn't my place to get them to understand our wishes, but I can already see that I might have to put my foot down. My husband isn't the best with being direct, and I can understand that he doesn't want any hurt feelings. I just don't want everyone in the room, and I don't want them to see me like that if that makes sense. It has also been hard to keep my frustrations in check around them, because they can over step their bounds at times. So I think especially when I'm in labor, it's best if extended family doesn't visit until after baby is born. Anyone have any tips to graciously, but firmly, convey this to his family?