anxiety/depression and breastfeeding?

Before I was pregnant I was on anti depression and anxiety pills. I felt fine without the pills through out my pregnancy but after my baby was born I seem to be picking up old habits. My partner has pressured me to nurse relentlessly and while he was home for the babies first month I exclusively breastfeed. As soon as he went back to work I just can't find the energy or concentration to sit there and pump/nurse. My mind will wander off and I will keep procrastinating pumping. I don't know what it is ... I feel bad constantly that I'm not nursing so I keep telling myself I'm going to pump more so I produce more and avoid my medication. The social pressure surrounding breastfeeding makes it worse. My anxiety about breastfeeding is evidence I need to go on my medication but I see my babies face and I feel awful so I keep trying. Anyone dealing with something similar?