Hey Astro buddies!

Erin • Hero, cosplayer, makeup artist, and gymnast
I'd like to start by listing my chart.
There are many planets and aspects of every chart. So if you never related to your sun sign that is why. Each planet on the left means something important to you and your life. Also each planet is ruled by a sign. Example: Pisces is Neptune, Libra and Taurus are Venus. That does not mean your Neptune sign is going to be Pisces or your Venus sign is libra however. 
These are common traits of each sign. So for example my Venus sign is Aquarius which would make me friendly, honest, loyal, orginal, etc. in love, art, beauty. 
This is how each planet effects your chart.
Now the right side of your chart is similar to understand.  
This should cover the basics and if anyone would like their full chart I can make you one, I will need your gender, birthday with the time, and city and state! Thank you so much for reading.