Already feeling like a bad mom:(

Olivia • Mommy to Isabella❤️👑
I'm 14 weeks today & I just feel like I'm already going to be a failure mom:( I been forgetting to take my prenatals this week, not really doing my daily logs, not eating a lot yesterday cause I kept puking, & not drinking enough water :( because it taste gross to me no matter what cup or water bottle I use, :/ ugh and I just want to lay in my be all day, getting up to clean just makes me exhausted an hurts my back and I can't keep my posture & I been being really mean to my BF lately :( cause I'm so moody, this is a horrible feeling I feel like I'm falling into depression :( I'm wondering if this is normal for girls to feel this way while pregnant? Or if anyone is in the same boat. And please leave me some tips ladies :(