I need advice 😥

Lynna • 👽💙💀 dark princess in love with the best daddy in the world 💀💙👽
My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three months now and it's been nothing but wonderful. I want to marry this man and he wants to marry me. He told me he was planning to move back to his home state within the next 10 months and I was preparing to go with him. Not some issues have come up with his roommates and he's trying to move much sooner, as in next month. I want to go with him seeing as I have nothing really tying me down here. I do have family here but I can always come visit as its only a 19 hour drive from his hometown to mine. I was preparing to start school in a couple weeks so I still have time to drop my courses if I do decide to move out there with him. I'm just scared and stressed and I don't know what to do... His family is absolutely amazing and I love them and we'd be staying with them in the transition while we save up for a place there so that's really kind of them. I just don't know what to do. Like, I feel bad for leaving my family and the few friends I have but life is all about adventures and experiencing new things, right?? Idk any advice would e much appreciated 😰💙