Am i being selfish??

So I got diagnosed with severe anemia at 30 weeks I've been getting IV iron transfusions since then once a week. When i was 32 weeks i had early signs of pre term labor But the doctors were able to stop it i am now 34 weeks still having contractions but aren't as painful. Now I've been diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency so i need these shots 5 days a week until my vitamin levels go up or i deliver. I asked my doctor to induce me at 39 weeks or schedule my C-section she said she can but to really think about it and i really do want to but i dont know. I want to meet my baby already and I'm done with all these appointments and these pains I'm having. Also i forgot to mention i have gestational diabetes got diagnosed at 13 weeks.. super early. But its diet controlled now.. Am i selfish for wanting my baby out a week or two early? What do you mommies think?