17 weeks tummy troubles TMI

Caitlin • I`m a married 30 y/o high school digital integration specialist. My husband and I welcomed our rainbow baby into the world 1/2017 and are excited to prepare to expand our family in the next few months.
I'm 17 weeks pregnant today and so far things have been going well!  Before I realized it on Thursday, I ate a Jimmy John's ham sandwhich.  They were catered by my work since it was a training day and by the time I finished lunch, I remembered that deli meats are a no no while pregnant.  I felt totally fine the rest of the day and Friday morning.  I woke up Friday morning STARVING.  I ran in to our local supermarket for a muffin and a couple bottles of water to eat on my way in to work and to stay hydrated, I grabbed some grapes to snack on too.  I felt fine after eating the muffin and a few hours later, I decided to munch on the grapes.  They tasted fine and were super fresh too.  However, after I ate the grapes, I started feeling nausous so I just contributed that to how sweet they are.  I went from nausous to fine few times then at lunch time I wasn't really super hungry so I just munched on a poptart and I worse after that.  I thought I was going to get sick a couple times but I didn't then we went out to dinner for an early birthday treat and I was starving but I felt fine.  Right after dinner I threw up some of the salad and pasta but then I was fine.  After I got home, I realized I didn't take my vitamins for the day so I ate a handful of pretzels to take them.  About a half hour later, I threw that up too and had a little diarrhea.  The next morning I woke up and ate a small bowl of cereal and had a bit of nausea here and there but some mornings I have still been dealing with that since about 7 or 8 weeks. Yesterday was a few bouts of watery diarrhea (I've been drinking water to stay hydrated) and I had some on and off nausea too but nothing that made me feel digustingly "sick."  I woke up today feeling fine but hungry so I nibbled on a piece of pizza but I have had another bout of watery diarrhea since.  I have taken my temp a few times in the last couple days and it has been normal each time.
I'm thinking the grapes were bad or something because I have been "sick" since I ate them.  I called the on call dr and he said not to worry, sounds like something viral. Still a little worried about the possibility of listeria though. 😔😁 any advice to calm my mind??