Discharge 😔 TMI

Too much discharge! So I've heard it's normal, but is it supposed to be colored? When I go to the restroom it's all normal, I wipe and it's like it should be. My urin is pale yellow. There's no smell... But my pads (because it is that bad) are always stained a slight brown... I'm 28 weeks... So... Idk this has been happening for a couple of weeks now. 
I see my midwife Tuesday, but I've already been treated like I'm stupid with the call in midwife because of pain and spasms I was having and now I'm afraid to mention anything at all to anyone. I love my midwife, but I'm tired of mentioning things to Drs and being treated like I'm stupid....(even though it's always that one midwife...) idk :(