"Coming on to me" question

Background: I have only had one boyfriend in my life and that was only for a month, and I'm only 22. 
So, I obviously do not know much about "flirting" or anything except from what I see in movies and even then, I have to look away because I just feel so awkward.
I was in drivers Ed when I was 17ish 18ish, and I was always placed with --- lets call him "very large Puerto Rican dude (VLPRD for short). It was winter time so it was really cold, so I would have a sweater. Nothing actually more than this happened but one day he reached over and fixed the lapel/hood of my sweater. 
Is this "coming on to me"? It was a few years ago, and nothing further than that ever happened, but seriously, would that be considered perverted of him??If it was, I believe I was totally underage at the time (honestly, these last few years have just melded together!!!).
Disclaimer: seriously just curious; just asking people's opinions. I don't plan to file anything or anything. I just found it very odd at the time, and the older I get the more I realize how creepy it was.