Job Hunting While Pregnant

Hi ladies! Any tips on job hunting while pregnant? I am a speech therapist without a full time job.. I have been a substitute at multiple schools over the part year, but it is very difficult to find a permanent job in my town, even before I got pregnant! Though this baby is very wanted and loved, he was not entirely planned.. I found out a week into starting my last substitute position that I was pregnant and did not disclose the pregnancy to them. Now, the therapist I subbed for quit and I was asked to interview for the position. My belly is so big that I think I am past the point of hiding it at this point and my mom's advice is to address the pregnancy in the interview, but I'm terrified that being pregnant will take me out of the running. I know the whole "they can't discriminate against you while you're pregnant" thing, but you can't tell me that doesn't still happen even with the threat of a school district getting sued. I am 110% thrilled and excited that I am pregnant, but the timing career wise is less than ideal. My husband doesn't make very much money, which doesn't bother me, but I essentially need this job to take care of my family.. and I am so anxious about all the "what-ifs" surrounding this situation. Any advice is appreciated!