Help! Baby won't nap

My 4 month old will not nap. He's fussy the majority of the day and I feel like I'm just trying to keep him from flipping out all day and he hardly enjoys anything. Today he napped 1 hour TOTAL, two 15 min naps that took an hour of nursing and rocking and then a 30 min nap with me. Even when he naps with me I have to rock him to sleep standing first and then lay down. He is pissed most the the in rocking him and just mad, uncomfortable. Today he was up 1.5 hours, 15 min nap, up 2 hours, 15 min nap, up 3.5 hours, 30 min nap, up 4 hours and then took 2 hours to get him to stay asleep for bed.😫😫😫😫
We have tried shorter wake times, longer, white noise, music, nursing before/after nap, paci, no paci, security blanket, laying with him, blacked out windows, laying him down awake, letting him fuss, elevating his bed to help relieve any reflux, gas drops, rocking 2 min, rocking 20 min, swaddling, wearing him in wrap, walking in stroller, everything. 
He cries most of the day it seems and is just generally grumpy and will only do the 20 min nap after an hour long struggle. I'm honestly feeling crazy by the middle of the day. ANY advice??? Help!