Questions for doctor...?

A little background..

I have a healthy 4 yr old next month.

Was on depo after her till my last shot in Aug 2014.

Got first period end of Jan 2015. Been TTC since. With a pregnancy July 2015/mc aug 2015. Pregnancy may 2016/mc June 2016.

Am now going to the doctor this Wednesday to talk about these losses within a year. Ibetween the losses I have asked if there were any tests to be done but my doctor simply said I'm young and sometimes it happens. Anyway. Now that I've had a second my new doctor has agreed to see me and discuss my concerns and options. I have a few things I'd like to ask and have written them down. But I'm looking for anything else that I could possibly ask or mention because now is the time I feel. I don't want to miss anything or forget. Does anyone have any good questions from their own experiences that they've asked or forgot and wish you would have asked. I'll take anything! Please and thankyou in advance! Sooo sorry for all those that have been thru this and good luck😘