Disappointed in BabiesRus Selections


Ok let's start this off by saying I'm not snobby when it comes to baby & kid stuff. If something is lightly used and still nice I will gladly take it.

That being said I am disappointed is BabiesRus nursery bedding and even clothing. They don't offer anything nicer or better looking than they did 10 years ago. I was expecting to see items that were more up to date and competitive to what parents would prefer. Even Walmart and Target offer more update selections. I have seen amazing nursery decor and clothing at so many other places. I'm considering this company called Caden Lane they offer feminine options without a bunch of animals, butterflies, and not drenched in pink.

I understand using BabiesRus because of the coupons and offers, and it's a one place shop.I totally get that. I shopped there for my son almost 9 years ago. But, that bring said I'm disappointed, come on BabiesRus get with the times and up date your selections already.