Wow my fiancé is rude 😮

So i won a surprise gift from a breastmilk jewelery page (no idea what it is lol) for partaking in the pages breastfeeding challenge which was just posting a picture a day to their thread with a topic like #blessed or #eyes or #first and posting breastfeeding photo's relevant to that topic, because it was world breastfeeding week/month. I got exited and told him and simply said it was a mystery gift from yada yada page, when he get's home he asks hey, whatever you won from that baby thing can we give it to (insert his mate and wife's name here) for (insert their 2 month olds name here).....i was like umm well it's from baby bee hummingbird and i was hoping it might be something breastmilk jewelry related like a DIY kit (because although my nursling is now weaned i have frozen EBM left and i want to make it into jewelry like a pendant or a ring) or something, and he was like ohh! I thought it might have been just like a toys or clothes page or something (they formula feed their baby btw so even IF i wanted to gift breastmilk jewelry related stuff to them it would go to waste).....i was really offended tbh like i won that plus we are TTC our second nursling anyways so any clothes/toys i would horde for our next baby....he keeps wanting to gift stuff to them and get rid off our son's stuff, we gave them our $650 pram which was in excellent condition could have used it ourselves and they ended up just giving it to his mum for her house and buying another one anyway?! He wants to give them all of our son's outgrown clothes (all top brands so all in excellent condition because it's made to last and he grew so fast some barely got worn) like stahp we might have another boy! Ugh.