Finally my story (long read)

Summer • In love with my best friend❤️ mommy to a beautiful 2 year old baby girl Anastasia Reneè🌸 and a handsome 2 month baby boy Anderson Raylen🏈
My baby girl is already 2 weeks old!!! But I wanted to tell my story. I was laying in bed and it felt like I peed myself I woke my so and told him either my water broke or I peed in the bed I was 37+3 anyways I decided I would wait and see if it was my water I figured more would come out. I didn't want to ride to the hospital which is an hour away at 2am just to be sent home. So I laid back down with a towel under me just in case and like I thought more water!! So I woke my mom and so and told them we needed to get the stuff together I took a shower and we headed that way. On the way there our truck started acting funny all the lights were going off I was freaking out!! So we went to my so's parents we were right there our altnator went out :/ so we borrowed a car! We made it to the hospital at 5 I was checked and confirmed my water had broken! By this time I'm bleeding as well! They checked me and I was only 1cm and 50% thin so I knew it would be a long day we got checked in to our room I started to walk and labor on the birthing ball I couldn't get in the water cause my water had broken I also had to have antibiotic iv strep b positive so we stared those fast forward!!! My contractions we getting better so bad they wouldn't check me again cause of risk of infection they waited till like 5pm when the contractions were terrible I got pain meds in my iv before I got my epidural (which is something I didn't want to do) I had terrible back Labor, so They checked me I was at 2 :/ and 90% they were happy I wasn't lol so they gave me some patosin at like 7pm they said I needed to have her within 24 hours of my water breaking because of infection, so I decided to sleep they checked me at 11 I was at 4cmI woke up at 12pm I felt lots of pressure between my legs the nurse walked in and said yea I'll check u ur contractions are pretty intense she lifted the sheet and checked and she said oh crap it's time to push!!!! My so was asleep and my mom and aunt went to go get food!!!! I knew they would miss it! So they started to get my room fixed and ready mom still isn't back! Finally she comes right in time to push!! My midwife comes in and it's time to push! I'm throwing up :/ I could feel my contractions so I pushed with everyone it was 35 mins of pushing and I was able to deliver her myself it was amazing! She was born at 1:47 almost exactly 24 hours! I was bleeding pretty bad but she latched as soon as she came out and did great they gave me meds to stop the bleeding finally it's stopped I was in terrible pain from them pressing my  stomach so much to stop the bleeding!! But she was perfect!! 7 pounds 6 oz 19 1/2 inches!  💗💗💗💗
Few hours old
Proud daddy 
Me and my Anastasia