Fundal height still measuring behind

Should I be concerned that my fundal height still measures a week behind at 37 weeks? It's been measuring behind at every single appointment starting at 20 weeks and my doctor isn't concerned but I am. During the beginning of my pregnancy people would comment on how small I was but I brushed it off but now I'm thinking it's because I'm not as far along as the doctors say.
At 6 weeks, my ultrasound showed no fetal pole or fetus. Which I though was pretty odd but normal. My doctor wants me to deliver early and feels that I may because of constant BH but I don't think I will. Of course, I know baby will come when she's ready BUT  I'm scared they're going to force me to have her if I go "over" my due date when in reality she may be younger than what they think. My doctor will not send me for another scan and I haven't had one since 20 weeks. At that appointment on 4/29 the tech kept telling me that I was 19 weeks according to my due date which is 9/16 but wrote in the notes that my baby was measuring 20wks 1day. Nothing added up to me.
*I do not want hear "baby will come when she's ready" as that's a no brainer.* I would like feedback from people whose experienced wacky measurements that may signal a problem. Thank you!!