Love/hate relationship

Tory • Wife 💍 • PCOS warrior 🍍• mommy 3/2020 💗•

I adore the fact that as women, we get to experience pregnancy. I love that I can carry a child for 40 weeks while giving them all the nutrients to help them grow while also supplementing my own body. I love that we can feel them kick, grow, and overall just be the ones to do it! I am proud to be able to all of these things for MY tiny human!

But right now, I am not pregnant.

AF came and released her rath on my uterus.

I hate that I can not even sneeze or cough without having to ask someone to check the back of my pants to see if I bled threw. I hate wondering if 10 tampons is enough when I am only leaving the house for 2-3 hours. I hate that every time I stand up, it is like Niagra Falls in my pants. All I want to do is lay in bed with a heating pad and eat chocolate! Why are there 25 pimples on my face?! I hate that my stomach feels like it is being stabbed a million times over and over!

One day, I will wake up and expect AF to show her ugly face again.

And instead, you know what I will have?

A BFP. And every AF will be worth it. 💕

#TTCmonth13 💪