So this is about sex during pregnancy

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So, me and my fiance before i got pregnant we would have sex maybe like 3 times a week or so! Well im currently 20 weeks and 4 days and i swear through this pregnancy, i have been so horny to where me and my fiance have sex alot! And i know hes not complaining haha! But omg ive noticed and it could be the littlest things about my fiance like even if hes not even doing anything were just straight bored, or when were driving somewhere i will just get so horny and i want him so bad! I knw its my hormones but geez i feel like i have so much energy! Either way i love it, we have gotten closer and closer since my pregnancy and things couldnt get any better! I also asked him babe would you still be attracted to me when i get further and big in my pregnancy when we have sex? Ans of course he said yes of course! So ya i just had to VENT! and hopefully im not the only one here! But i hope i can stay this way even after im not pregnant anymore! Bc even though they say sometimes sex isnt important in a serious relationship, IT IS to certain extents! :)