Thought I was out!

Shmooberry • Bass guitarist, writer, wife, athiest.
I'm pregnant! My husband and I tried for the first time last month, but then I got what I thought was my period, so I assumed I was out. This month we've been moving and trying to find a place and so we didn't get to try. 
Turns out, last month when I had my 'period', it was implantation bleeding. It was a lot of blood the first day, dark and with a lot of clots, and then just spotting for another couple of days. My period is usually 5 days. I figured it was just stress from packing and planning. 
When I was two days late this month I decided to take a test to be safe (because partying). I had to pee at 5.30 this morning and when I tested it showed up right away! 
I am so freaking excited. 
Some symptoms I did have were sore breasts, not really peeing a LOT but having to pee right away really suddenly as if I've been holding it for a long time, exhaustion, some very light cramping.
I have stomach problems and so being nauseated for me isn't rare, and yet I haven't been at all so far! It seemed strange that I WASN'T nauseated. Also my appetite changes a lot because of that, so an increase wasn't really significant to me at the time.
Good luck to all of you trying!! 💙💙💙