What happens when you and your spouse can't agree on a baby name?

I've posted this topic before maybe a month or two ago and you guessed it, we still can't agree on a boy name (first boy, last baby) I'm not sure why my hubby won't let the name Jamie go, I've told him I think it sounds like a girls name and even told him I used to date a guy named Jamie lol (lie) yes I lied lol I don't even care lol I'm not naming him Jamie! I would rather a more boyish name like Andrew or something simple. I have no clue what to say or do anymore. So we've gone radio silent about the topic..I'm 28 weeks and can't help but feel time is running out and this is still over my head. I wish I could just say sure lets name him Jamie but honestly I don't want to settle because he's being so stubborn...oh and I had to beg for him to get my pregnant lmao I wanted #3 he didn't! Yes that's my arguing chip lol I'm so over this name thing...anyone in the same situation??