Marijuana Warning

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So, I just got back from my 4 month OB appointment. I asked my doctor his opinion about things like nicotine, drinking, caffeine, marijuana use, and a whole bunch of other stuff of that nature. I wanted to share his response about marijuana. I'm not here to condemn anyone about using it or not using it, BUT, my doc told me that the biggest danger is the social situation it may put you in. He said that most hospitals will drug test mothers when they are admitted for delivery, and those that test positive for drugs or marijuana usually get a bad stigma placed on them, get treated worse by nurses, and it is not uncommon for hospital staff to call CPS. I started at him in shock when he said that, but he reaffirmed that he had personally seen it many times, nurses or other hospital staff calling CPS on women in labor who tested positive for marijuana use.

Anyway, thought I would pass that along for those interested in the information.

Edit: Please stop sending me private chats about this topic. There is no need for you to demean me. I am not using any drugs or alcohol or caffeine during my pregnancy. I was simply wanting to gain the personal perspective of a medical professional on topics and issues that are largely discussed and oft debated. That's it. Then when I got a surprising answer, I shared it for others to know, too. Yeesh.