My family doesn't like the name we chose😢

My husband and I always said that when we have kids, I would pick the girls named and he would choose the boys. Of course if we didn't like each other's choice we would still consider other names until we agreed on something. So two daughters down (Kendall and Kamryn), and now we are finally pregnant with our son. My husband surprised me by not wanting to pass his name on and chose the name Keanu instead. I will be honest, it took a couple of days to grow on me but now we love the name. The problem is, the rest of my family, especially my mom, hates the name. The hubby and I really feel that this name will fit him and it also goes nicely with our daughters' names, but they just can't see it. I know I shouldn't let it bother me but it does. Has anyone else had this problem with their families not being fans of their baby name choice?