Penelope Juliette, born 6 days early on 8/30/16 at 6:44pm

Lauren • 24, married and overjoyed to be pregnant with our first baby (a girl!!!) due 9/5/16 😊❤

Penelope Juliette, born 6 days early on 8/30/16 at 6:44pm. She came out at 5lbs, 13oz and 19.5" long and is doing great so far!

I went into the hospital on Monday night, 8/29, because I was experiencing "30 min long contractions" and hadn't felt anything like it before. L&D hooked me up to the monitor to check out my "contraction" only it wasn't registering. I decided it must be something else, but was still experiencing period tightness/cramps around my back and pelvic area that I hadn't felt before. After having me on the machine for an hr, they decided to send me home. I was disappointed that I didn't have an answer to what was going on, but got up to get dressed anyways. When I did, my water broke right there on the hospital floor. . .I guess I was experiencing the pressure of that about to happen! Haha I informed the nurses and they immediately instructed me to get back on the bed.

I had my cervix checked twice last week and it was still high and I wasn't dilated either time. I wasn't surprised to hear that I still had no progression when my water broke. They decided to put me on cervadil for 12hrs to assist my cervix into making progress. I had consistent contractions throughout the night (also only got 3hrs of bad sleep), but still no progress in my cervix after all that. The next day at 11am, they decided to put me on Pitocin to help get things going. That was awful. I was having awful contractions. After about 30 mins, I started crying. And then for the next hr or 2 that's how it was with each contraction. They tried giving me nitrus, but it made me throw up and didnt take the contraction pain away. It was 2pm at that point and I asked them how much longer until they would check my cervix or do something about the pain. They told me when the office hrs are over at my OB's place. I almost died when I heard that. A couple of contractions later, I was crying and told the nurse she couldn't make me do this for another 3hrs when there might not be any progression, I was in pain. She decided to call my OB and they decided together that I should have an epidural. I got the epidural around 3pm and felt SO much better at that point. My OB came back at 530pm to discuss our options since my water had broke 20hrs or so before and I didnt want to have labor beyond the 24hr mark due to the risks. He checked my cervix again and still no progress. We decided I would have a C section. They got everything prepared, drugged me up and sent me in for surgery. 10 mins later she was here. I refused to hold her for an hr or so because the drugs made me shake really bad and I was afraid to drop her or something. It was so hard to watch everyone else hold her before me, but now I can't put her down. I was deliriously tired last night and had lost my patience with everyone dragging ass around me because I was desperate for sleep. I got a good amount considering, but am still extremely tired and sore. Other than that, my beautiful, perfect baby and I are doing great and I am SUPER obsessed with her ❤❤❤