newly married/ pregnant/ hubby issues

I need to vent. I just got married 3 months ago and I'm pregnant wth our son. 30 weeks. We just moved into our house and let me tell you. Since we moved in. I feel like I have one lazy ass husband. Example one. He doesn't mow the yard unless I nag at him to do it. And yes I say nag because I have to beg this man to do anything and ya crazy because when we was in our apt, he didn't do these things. 😓 but now he just, ugh. Like who is this man?! And secondly, The nursery, it really is making me very mad. He put all his suits in our sons nursery. I can't see any of the drawers, cribs, the changing table. Nothing!! So today. I snapped I literally walked in the nursery after telling him for weeks to move his thins out of there and stiffed them in a box! Plus I'm on bed rest which I shouldn't have been doing but he is really stressing me out! But it felt good doing it because now I can see the nursery. It doesn't make any sense. I feel like I'm his mother. I shouldn't have to tell a grown man to do things. Get your mess. Now the yard. Don't put your things in the nursery.