I just need someone to talk to, & advice.

Idk what to do anymore. This time last year my husband and I split up because he becomes a TOTAL asshole when he drinks liquor/whiskey. He flipped out literally over nothing, started punching walls, woke our kids up because he was screaming, the list goes on. I call his mom to come get him. I packed his things and kicked him out the next day. I told him then, I was not going to raise my kids around that. He stayed with his mom for about a week. It was miserable for my kids. And him. He would call them every night before bed, and I could hear him crying because he missed them so much. Long story short, we came to terms and worked things out. He quit drinking anything hard, and didn't drink as much. Things got better between us. We have had little spats here and there since then, until tonight. He went with his buddies (who aren't married, and don't have responsibilities) to watch the damn football game. Promises me he wouldn't be out late, and would only have 1 or two beers. He comes home at 1am, drunk.... And not beer drunk. I probably should have just kept my mouth just and let him sleep it off, but I didn't. I let him know it upset me. And that married men do not stay out late like this when their wife is at home, with the kids, and pregnant. He flipped out again, hitting walls, throwing things, yelling. Waking up my kids again, and scaring them, again. I called his mom, again. She picked him up, again. His drinking is a problem, although he doesn't drink everyday, and hardly gets drunk. But he doesn't see it. He doesn't understand where I come from. I'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm freaking out.... Idk that I can do this on my own, two kids, one on the way. No job because I was laid off (at 6 months pregnant). I have unemployment benefits, but it's not enough, I have 7 weeks left before baby is here. So finding a job now is pointless. What do I do? Where do I go from here? He is a good man, provider, and dad...... We've been together 4 years, and this has happened twice. I was abused in a previous relationship by a drunk. So he knew my views on alcohol before hand.... I just don't know. Do I stay, give it one more chance? Or Do I go?