At the end of my tether!!!

I'm 38wks 5 days... I'm a fairly strong, independent, completely type A kind of woman, but I don't say no to help when it's offered... This entire pregnancy I've never used the "But I'm pregnant" card with my husband. In my opinion it's a bit insulting to women. I'm not without my faculties nor am I disabled. Bc of my gestational diabetes I never got the luxury to do the stereotypical "Baby, I'm craving ice cream, could you pls run to the store" bit at midnight, and expect my husband to jump right up and do it... Having said all this, I think it's completely blown up in my face!!! I'm still doing all the things I've done since before getting pregnant, i.e.: cooking, cleaning, laundry... And as I've admitted to being Type A, it's totally of my own volition because I like things done a certain way... BUT I'm totally at the point where I just want to be waited on! I want to be taken care of to the point that I have to do nothing!! I am so desperate to have this baby and be out of discomfort. I just wish my husband would take the initiative and do all the things that I've always done bc he knows that I could pop out this baby any minute. I just don't want to have to ask... I wish it would just be apparent, esp bc I'm so close to giving birth... Ughhhhhhh... I've totally been my own worst enemy.... Any way... Just needed to vent. I'm sooo done with this pregnancy. I can't wait to have my little guy. Perhaps then I'll get the much needed help I wanted  throughout this pregnancy.