May babies

I am 5 weeks 4 days today. This is our firth pregnancy but, we only had one live birth. We have a beautiful 2yr old son. We are praying that this little one sticks and joins our family. We also have a 6 year old nephew that we adopted. We are hoping for a girl because I'm way out numbered. But it doesn't matter either way as long as it's healthy. I have an ultrasound scheduled for 9/16, can't wait to make sure the little one is in the right place and hopefully we will get to hear the heart beat. So far no symptoms except nausea. I went out today and bought ginger ale. OMG did it help. I feel so much better. I only had one can of it threw out the day. Thank you ladies for the recommendation. Congratulations to all of you ladies. I hope and pray for a happy and healthy nine months and hopefully we get to see our babies in May. My husband is excited to share his birthday month with our little one.